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Iron Palm Training
with The Ann Arbor school of Shaolin Arts

Instructions include the following:
  • Guidance by Sifu and support of the senior students who are practicing Iron Palm.
  • Traditional 24 herb formula. Each student receives the complete mixture of Dit Da Jow including the herbs.
  • Proper breathing in all required "Pre-strike" Qigong exercises.
  • Guidance by Sifu and senior students to develop precise movement in the traditional "Pre-strike" Qigong exercises.
  • How to apply Dit Da Jow.
  • Proper stance, striking and coordination of breath when conditioning the hands.
  • Traditional "After-strike" exercises to restore balance and flow of Qi.

The purpose of such training is to develop patience and discipline. The skill of developing, refining and fusing the ordinary with the extraordinary.

Instructor Michael Gillespie has studied Chinese Martial Arts Since 1972 with Masters Ong, Hu, Wu and Shaolin monk Shawn Liu.

Currently meeting:

Mon & Wed: 7pm-9:30pm
Sat: 10am-1pm

Serious inquiries only
contact Michael Gillespie at 734-223-6056.